Welcome to Greer Anderson Capital

Founded in 2008 by Philip Greer and Gary Anderson as a family office. We build institutional quality portfolios for families and individual investors.

Philip Greer and Gary Anderson have worked together, overseeing and
managing the assets of families and endowments, for over 10 years.
This experience carries over to the management
of our portfolios.

Our Investment Focus

Long-term Appreciation of Capital
Diversification Globally and by Strategy
Quality Funds for our Investors

The Family Office Approach

As a family office, we understand that investing for our clients requires
 a disciplined investment approach and a personalized
service model.


A core belief in having an alignment of interests with our clients.


Greer Anderson Capital is constantly seeking, accessing and monitoring experienced investment managers. We provide our clients a portfolio that is difficult to replicate.

Taxes & Fees

Taxes can have a significant impact on investment returns. Our analysis of managers must include the impact of both fees and taxes.

Tax Deferred Solutions

Greer Anderson Capital offers high-quality investments in portfolios to defer or eliminate the impact of taxes. Taxes can have the largest impact on investment returns. Greer Anderson Capital has solutions that work with your goals for charitable giving, retirement savings and estate planning.


We believe in the power of compounding.